Sun Protect - By Rodenstock

Prescription Sunglass Promotion
for 2017

This years prescription sunglass promotion boasts the largest selection of frames we have ever had. There are various tint options including polarising and this years offer is also available with a light reactive sunglass lens. Prices start from just £126 including frame, lenses, tint and spectacle case. Browse the range below or feel free to call in to try them on.

Sun Protection

Each sunglass is available with either Single Vision, Bifocal or Varifocal lenses. The lenses provide 100% defence against UVA and UVB light, blocking out harmful light, whilst letting the viaible light through.


Choose from a range of striking tints - either solid colour or graduated. Mirror-coated lenses are also available.


Reduce distracting glare with a range of polaring lenses, available in Grey, Brown and Green.

Colormatic IQ Sun 2

These pre-tinted lenses adapt intelligently to different environments and can darken to 90% in strong sunlight, fading to 50% in the shade.


Prices start from just £126.00 complete with single vision lenses and £195 for Varifocals.


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